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Thu, Jan. 15th, 2004, 04:09 pm
greasefreak: Quizdiva.com

Your karmic zodiac is CANCER.
Good Qualities: You know yourself inside and out,
which makes it easier for you to know others as
well. You are in touch with your emotions, and
not afraid to show them either. With your
ruling planet being the Moon you are in touch
with your feminine side, and are very family
oriented. You understand the flow of nature all
too well, and are upset when anyone disturbs
Bad Qualities: You are sometimes over emotional at
the wrong times. You tend to make a bad
impression on some people because they view you
as over bearing.
Best Matches: Scorpio, Pisces.
Best to Avoid: Cancer, Sagittarius.

What's your Karmic Zodiac Sign?
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what band will you get gang-banged by? by hulahoopwoundss
what band will fuck you (a lot) everytime i die-you're gonna love it
date it will happenNovember 3, 2025
you will meet them atthe corner you stand on (whore)
how many STDs you catch1
money you make from the video$660,348
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You're 100% bisexual! You swing both ways baby and
don't favour one over the other!

What Kind Of Bisexual Are You? (girlies)
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You are Alcohol!

A little sloppy, a little hungry, and a whole lot horny.

So what if you've had a drunken fling or two with puke still in your hair?

You're the life of the party - well, if you can get invited...

What Drug Are You?

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party girl paris hilton

You are Party Girl Paris Hilton!

Got blow? If not, you probably know someone who does.

If you aren't there, the party hasn't started

And after a few drinks, you're up for almost anything.

You're so wild - you make Cleveland look like Cancun!

Which Paris Hilton Are You?

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500 a night

You Would Make $500 a Night!

You won't have to resort to the streets to earn your cash...

But you will spend most of your time at a brothel on the wrong side of town!

How Much Could You Make as a Prostitute?

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You Are a Switch!

Top. Bottom. Giver. Taker. You can't make up your mind.

And truth is, why should you? Kink is wildest when you can switch roles.

You're ability to get off in all sorts of ways makes you a versitile lover.

You can get along with a sub or dom(me) - but another switch is what really blow your mind

Are You Dominant or Submissive?

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scarlet passion

Your Passion is Scarlet!

You're more than passionate - you're burning hot!

Love is a serious thing for you, and you don't take the game lightly.

You are always open to passion... in every possibile form.

No doubt about it... you're a wild ride!

What Color Is Your Passion?

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two people

You Will Have Sex With 2 People!

That's like one person, ever four years

Maybe it's true that everyone gets two true loves

Or maybe one true love and one screw up

For a girl, you're about average... for a guy, a little inactive

How Many People Will You Have Sex With?

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perfect lay

You Are a Perfect Lay!

All sorts of guys long to hook up with you, but your standards are set high.

You don't just give it up to anyone, but when you do...they can't get enough of you!

You have a knack for pleasing and receiving, and sex with you is never boring.

Only problem is ~ they all seem to be falling in love with you...

What Kind of Lay Are You?

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butterfly tattoo

You Should Get a Butterfly Tattoo!

Cute, pretty, and somewhat tame

You're more into looking hot than bleeding

Start small! Before long, you'll be colorful in the right places.

What Tattoo Should You Get?

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Thu, Jan. 15th, 2004, 03:18 pm
greasefreak: (no subject)

AT Kyle's, oodles of fun! Thank God he's asleep!

Wed, Jan. 14th, 2004, 11:27 pm
highflying: pain killers rock ass

dude the doctor prescribed to me pain killers that was great. Im soo excited to start taking them. I liked goign to the hospital with keiome and shannon and matt way better than with my dad that just sucked. He had to go pick up my sister and i had alot more questions for the doctor but he met him in the hallway and i didn't get to answer my questions and now im pissed but im kinda loaded up with pain meds that i really dont care. I had a job interview today i dont think that went to well. I hope i get it. Im bout to go smoke then go to bed. c-yall soon

Thu, Jan. 8th, 2004, 08:57 pm
highflying: drama drama drama

I think im getting a cold i think i should take a shot of bourbon and go to bed.

Sun, Jan. 4th, 2004, 02:04 pm
greasefreak: Oh WHY ME!!!

WHY DID i HAVE TO GO TO KYLE'S??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

Fri, Jan. 2nd, 2004, 06:03 pm
greasefreak: And the shit has hit the fan!

I have officially started the community to end all communities! Bow Down to the greatness that is the Short Buses!